Why SEOs should never use info graphics

Anyone who has been hanging around the SEO community may have noticed a massive increase in the amount of pathetic and pointless info graphics that are kicking about places like Twitter. People will give all kinds of justifications as to why every bit of data that goes into a blog post should now be displayed in an info graphic but the real reason is because Brand Shitskin said it was a good idea on his website.

Everyone is now brainwashed into the notion that putting data into an info graphic is linkbait. But by the time they have collected a couple of links from their ‘linkbait’ I would have already had time to masterbate twice, as well as sending out 3 SE Nuke blasts.

Not to mention the fact that the majority of info graphics being posted are not set out in a useful or informative way. Spam Hendriks doesn’t waste his time with info graphics and everybody else should realise that 99% of the time they are not at all useful or appropriate.

By the way if anybody is interested in Guest Blogging on this Blog, don’t bother, guest blogging is a time wasted.


Don’t start folding to Pandas

When all the SEO community started to turd in their Sunday bests at the news of Google rolling out the Panda update, I just reclined on my massive $1k Leather Executive chair and laughed at the way they panicked and started tweeting, and posting the usual tripe. Panda now wants your ads here, Panda now wants you to write 10,000 words per page, panda wants you to hand over your dignity and write trash! Forget it! Google’s updates don’t effect me, because Google is flawed. Its algorithm bases its world around backlinks, sure its now trying to harness social signals, but as I sipped on my coffee and I looked at my inventory, I see I’m future proof for as long as Google search exists. Right now I have the power to influence the stock index of a company. I can point my automated link building software at a retailers website and get them more traffic thus getting sales which only goes one direction. What I do is an art.

To be continued…

Three Major SEO predictions for 2012

1. Article Marketing is going to take off

Article marketing is going from strength to strength and indications are that 2012 will be the year where it really takes over the SEO and Social industry. The best thing about article marketing is that you can spin stolen content to the point where it is 80% unique in less than 10 seconds and then submit it to content network services in order to get links from a high number of unique root domains with high PR.

In the past, SEO was all about outreach on social networks and emailing people or companies who are relevant to your business or industry and asking if you can guest blog to gain publicity or maybe one puny link. However in 2012, these type of processes will likely die out.

2. Social Media will become a thing of the past

All I’ve heard for the last few years was Facebook this and Twitter that, I have even heard a rumour that Google were launching a social media platform. However, Social media has had its day as more SEO professionals are starting to realise that mass automated link building is far more powerful. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook and Twitter will still exist but they will become less and less relevant to people in the SEO industry.

3. White Hat SEO will die now that Panda has worn off

When Panda hit there was a big outcry in the SEO community and rightly so. Content farms and sites with thin and low quality content were penalized by Google. This led to a lot of people starting to believe that they may need to start engaging their audiences with better content. However, now the effects of Panda are beginning to wear off, an EMD for a niche KW and a couple of Scrapebox blasts has started to dominate once more. For bigger and branded sites, they will continue to buy links as this is the most time efficient and effective way of achieving high rankings.