FOR NOOBS: Start using Fiverr

Fiverr gave the Online marketing industry a whole new weapon in the fight to Optimize. It brought people from all across the world with tools, ideas and creative vision together to aid you, yes YOU. The next time you go on Fiverr I want you to do a few things. Sit back and look at the website. What is the first thing you notice? One of the first things you will notice is the syntax structure. I will ____________________ for $5. The profound thing is they are telling you they WILL. What a remarkable word, will. Everything starts with a will. They will render you a service for the reward of only $5. There has been occasions when I have formulated a startegy around Fiverr opposed to going on there to buy gigs to aid a strategy that was formulated in the board room. I will explain what I did.

I wanted to test the success of my business accumen, by looking at Gigs and monetizing them, so I decided to limit my possibilities with $100. This ensured me that I would have a constrain and would prove that even with $100 I could make something of my ideas. Money well spent. I have taken oin clients and billed them £5000 and spent $100 on fiverr. What a result, did I guest post? Did I need to create a MEME? Negative, all I needed to do is get the job done with 100% satisfaction from my client all the way down to the lovely users who helped me on fiverr.


What Google Search Plus Your World means for your SEO strategy – the experts view!

What are the changes?

1. Personal Results

Searches will now find both content that has been shared with you privately along with content from the public web. In other words, when you search Google you will now effectively be given two Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs); personal  and non-personal.

What this means for SEO?

I think traditional SEO: buying links, link wheels and comment blasts etc, will still be prevalent for the time being as there is no real structure in place for the link to be displaced by social signals at least in the sort to medium term.

2. G+ Pages showing in SERPs

Basically, people and pages on Google plus will now show on the top right hand side of SERPs, logged in our out.

What this means for SEO?

If you own a site or a brand, you are going to want to be doing testing on the algorithms in terms of what the ranking factors are for these G+ pages in the SERP’s. Once you’ve got this all figured out, you are going to be thinking of techniques and scripts that can be used to SPAM THE HELL OUT OF IT.

3. G+ profiles in SERPs

Logged in Google plus users will see people in their ‘circles’ appear in both the search results and in auto suggest.

What this means for SEO?

In the long run, I think this will mean that Google + profiles will become the new version of paid inks. Instead of SEO agencies buying high PR links, they will buy high authority G+ power users to pass social metrics.

Don’t start folding to Pandas

When all the SEO community started to turd in their Sunday bests at the news of Google rolling out the Panda update, I just reclined on my massive $1k Leather Executive chair and laughed at the way they panicked and started tweeting, and posting the usual tripe. Panda now wants your ads here, Panda now wants you to write 10,000 words per page, panda wants you to hand over your dignity and write trash! Forget it! Google’s updates don’t effect me, because Google is flawed. Its algorithm bases its world around backlinks, sure its now trying to harness social signals, but as I sipped on my coffee and I looked at my inventory, I see I’m future proof for as long as Google search exists. Right now I have the power to influence the stock index of a company. I can point my automated link building software at a retailers website and get them more traffic thus getting sales which only goes one direction. What I do is an art.

To be continued…

Three Major SEO predictions for 2012

1. Article Marketing is going to take off

Article marketing is going from strength to strength and indications are that 2012 will be the year where it really takes over the SEO and Social industry. The best thing about article marketing is that you can spin stolen content to the point where it is 80% unique in less than 10 seconds and then submit it to content network services in order to get links from a high number of unique root domains with high PR.

In the past, SEO was all about outreach on social networks and emailing people or companies who are relevant to your business or industry and asking if you can guest blog to gain publicity or maybe one puny link. However in 2012, these type of processes will likely die out.

2. Social Media will become a thing of the past

All I’ve heard for the last few years was Facebook this and Twitter that, I have even heard a rumour that Google were launching a social media platform. However, Social media has had its day as more SEO professionals are starting to realise that mass automated link building is far more powerful. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook and Twitter will still exist but they will become less and less relevant to people in the SEO industry.

3. White Hat SEO will die now that Panda has worn off

When Panda hit there was a big outcry in the SEO community and rightly so. Content farms and sites with thin and low quality content were penalized by Google. This led to a lot of people starting to believe that they may need to start engaging their audiences with better content. However, now the effects of Panda are beginning to wear off, an EMD for a niche KW and a couple of Scrapebox blasts has started to dominate once more. For bigger and branded sites, they will continue to buy links as this is the most time efficient and effective way of achieving high rankings.