Rant: Whiteboard Friday

People are suprised when they think I have been on twitter for 3 days and I’m already a sensation in the SEO community. This isnt random people, this is pure skill. You don’t drive an AC Cobra and spend $60 on gas a day for nothing. Some people may say Spam Hendriks is just a MEME ste up by one of the guys at SEOMOZ. As much as that may be possible the ultimate fact is I’m rich enough to bail SEO MOZ out of their debts with one sign of a pay check.

That’s right guys they are in debt. They are in moral debt, White board Fridays is a good way of passing off Graphic design and English literature as SEO. They fool the aspirational internet entrepreneurs into believing that SEO comes down to Graphic Design and Literature. BULLSHIT. Watch it  if you havent before. http://www.seomoz.org/blog/how-to-increase-the-odds-of-your-content-going-viral-whiteboard-friday . Does this sound like he’s teaching design? WTF? This guy is unbelievable. Why does he not talk about creative development at creating scripts that aid SEO. Not Where to put pics so people share. The amount of horse shit that comes out of SEO MOZ on Friday is unbelievable.

By the way, if you ever find someone telling the world they do SEO by guest posting hash tag them as #SEOFANBOY


Why SEOs should never use info graphics

Anyone who has been hanging around the SEO community may have noticed a massive increase in the amount of pathetic and pointless info graphics that are kicking about places like Twitter. People will give all kinds of justifications as to why every bit of data that goes into a blog post should now be displayed in an info graphic but the real reason is because Brand Shitskin said it was a good idea on his website.

Everyone is now brainwashed into the notion that putting data into an info graphic is linkbait. But by the time they have collected a couple of links from their ‘linkbait’ I would have already had time to masterbate twice, as well as sending out 3 SE Nuke blasts.

Not to mention the fact that the majority of info graphics being posted are not set out in a useful or informative way. Spam Hendriks doesn’t waste his time with info graphics and everybody else should realise that 99% of the time they are not at all useful or appropriate.

By the way if anybody is interested in Guest Blogging on this Blog, don’t bother, guest blogging is a time wasted.