Content network and new EU Cookie law

So I’m going to start using this site as a content network, but not just any old spun shite that got spewed out of ALN, 10 links a day BMR and the rest of those networks, but I mean some high quality spam. Hell, I’m going to write that shit myself and squeeze who ever pays me a few rupees to chuck a link in. When i say “i” i dont mean me of course, i mean my computer monkeys. Everything right now is hush hush, need to know basis.. But what i can tell you is this shit is hot, because i will filter links with innocent sites who got linked to the site because they were caught in the firing line, sorry in advance. I want to make sure the Google bods don’t have the foggiest about who chucked me a dime and who didn’t. Trust Spam Hendriks to pull off this one.

On more breaking news: Eu cookie law steps in. We have affiliates and conversion analysts soiling their sundays right now at the peril of the EU policy overlords. It will be good to see the dynamic changes that will occur due to this cock block technique pulled off by the worlds economic (or lackof) figure heads. Race is on now for workaround, and i will be sitting on BHW waiting for it.

Spam out!


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