FOR NOOBS: Start using Fiverr

Fiverr gave the Online marketing industry a whole new weapon in the fight to Optimize. It brought people from all across the world with tools, ideas and creative vision together to aid you, yes YOU. The next time you go on Fiverr I want you to do a few things. Sit back and look at the website. What is the first thing you notice? One of the first things you will notice is the syntax structure. I will ____________________ for $5. The profound thing is they are telling you they WILL. What a remarkable word, will. Everything starts with a will. They will render you a service for the reward of only $5. There has been occasions when I have formulated a startegy around Fiverr opposed to going on there to buy gigs to aid a strategy that was formulated in the board room. I will explain what I did.

I wanted to test the success of my business accumen, by looking at Gigs and monetizing them, so I decided to limit my possibilities with $100. This ensured me that I would have a constrain and would prove that even with $100 I could make something of my ideas. Money well spent. I have taken oin clients and billed them £5000 and spent $100 on fiverr. What a result, did I guest post? Did I need to create a MEME? Negative, all I needed to do is get the job done with 100% satisfaction from my client all the way down to the lovely users who helped me on fiverr.


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