What Google Search Plus Your World means for your SEO strategy – the experts view!

What are the changes?

1. Personal Results

Searches will now find both content that has been shared with you privately along with content from the public web. In other words, when you search Google you will now effectively be given two Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs); personal  and non-personal.

What this means for SEO?

I think traditional SEO: buying links, link wheels and comment blasts etc, will still be prevalent for the time being as there is no real structure in place for the link to be displaced by social signals at least in the sort to medium term.

2. G+ Pages showing in SERPs

Basically, people and pages on Google plus will now show on the top right hand side of SERPs, logged in our out.

What this means for SEO?

If you own a site or a brand, you are going to want to be doing testing on the algorithms in terms of what the ranking factors are for these G+ pages in the SERP’s. Once you’ve got this all figured out, you are going to be thinking of techniques and scripts that can be used to SPAM THE HELL OUT OF IT.

3. G+ profiles in SERPs

Logged in Google plus users will see people in their ‘circles’ appear in both the search results and in auto suggest.

What this means for SEO?

In the long run, I think this will mean that Google + profiles will become the new version of paid inks. Instead of SEO agencies buying high PR links, they will buy high authority G+ power users to pass social metrics.


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