Guest posting the SEOMOZ way!

Guest posting is the ability to let another man add his jibe on your site just so you:

1) Add more content

2) Hope his mates will come on your crap site

3) Share mutual backlinks But what they don’t tell you is…..

4. Number 4 is to try and guest post with rogues, because while you tell the world you only do white hat, you know this rogue guest poster will set all his artillery on your site. It’s a cheeky move, that is done by the best of the wolves in sheeps clothing.

It’s like owning a banger (car) and giving it to a mate who you know will write it off because he is one spanner missing and then collecting the insurance payout when he totals it, AND NOT CLAIMING LIABILITY.

If you don’t believe me guys do some research. Open your eyes and get connected. DO what the pros do and don’t get left behind!


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