For Chelsea Blacker

I mentioned in the weekend I found a way of scraping Facebook. I wasn’t fond of the idea of saying exactly what one of my employees said to me, but because Chelsea Blacker asked me so nicely I will announce that it can be done with scrapebox but modifications have to be done to it. Im not a technical guy, and I never claimed I was. As far as I’m concerned when I’m in dog shit, I pay myself out of it. I remember when I had a massive javascript problem for my clients site, I just paid a guy in Romania $5 and he soprted it out in under 2 hours.

It is a form of business acumen to pay someone to do the jobs you are too valuable to do. I had some banter with SEO’s on twitter about how they feel the ability to learn irrelevant mark up language. I will tell you straight, I am not a geeky coder who will write the next best innovative thing on the web, but I will draw out a strategy and business model to make you buy a house in cash. I like to build start ups and sell them. So when the new kids on the block scream at my ankles about javascript and cool ajax for better functionality I pat them on their heads and say, you would make a a good employee.


One response to “For Chelsea Blacker

  1. “I pat them on the head and say they would make a good employee” – omg, SO true Hendrick. I love your business approach, there is no point wasting time coding yourself when a professional can do it at 1/2 the cost and x2 as clean. If you haven’t read Re-Work by the guys who created BaseCamp, it’s a fun quick read with the same sorts of messages.

    I need to take more initiative like you to build scrape tools like this. Thanx v much for the inspiration, I’ll let you know what my project is and how I get on!

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