Don’t start folding to Pandas

When all the SEO community started to turd in their Sunday bests at the news of Google rolling out the Panda update, I just reclined on my massive $1k Leather Executive chair and laughed at the way they panicked and started tweeting, and posting the usual tripe. Panda now wants your ads here, Panda now wants you to write 10,000 words per page, panda wants you to hand over your dignity and write trash! Forget it! Google’s updates don’t effect me, because Google is flawed. Its algorithm bases its world around backlinks, sure its now trying to harness social signals, but as I sipped on my coffee and I looked at my inventory, I see I’m future proof for as long as Google search exists. Right now I have the power to influence the stock index of a company. I can point my automated link building software at a retailers website and get them more traffic thus getting sales which only goes one direction. What I do is an art.

To be continued…


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