Content network and new EU Cookie law

So I’m going to start using this site as a content network, but not just any old spun shite that got spewed out of ALN, 10 links a day BMR and the rest of those networks, but I mean some high quality spam. Hell, I’m going to write that shit myself and squeeze who ever pays me a few rupees to chuck a link in. When i say “i” i dont mean me of course, i mean my computer monkeys. Everything right now is hush hush, need to know basis.. But what i can tell you is this shit is hot, because i will filter links with innocent sites who got linked to the site because they were caught in the firing line, sorry in advance. I want to make sure the Google bods don’t have the foggiest about who chucked me a dime and who didn’t. Trust Spam Hendriks to pull off this one.

On more breaking news: Eu cookie law steps in. We have affiliates and conversion analysts soiling their sundays right now at the peril of the EU policy overlords. It will be good to see the dynamic changes that will occur due to this cock block technique pulled off by the worlds economic (or lackof) figure heads. Race is on now for workaround, and i will be sitting on BHW waiting for it.

Spam out!


FOR NOOBS: Start using Fiverr

Fiverr gave the Online marketing industry a whole new weapon in the fight to Optimize. It brought people from all across the world with tools, ideas and creative vision together to aid you, yes YOU. The next time you go on Fiverr I want you to do a few things. Sit back and look at the website. What is the first thing you notice? One of the first things you will notice is the syntax structure. I will ____________________ for $5. The profound thing is they are telling you they WILL. What a remarkable word, will. Everything starts with a will. They will render you a service for the reward of only $5. There has been occasions when I have formulated a startegy around Fiverr opposed to going on there to buy gigs to aid a strategy that was formulated in the board room. I will explain what I did.

I wanted to test the success of my business accumen, by looking at Gigs and monetizing them, so I decided to limit my possibilities with $100. This ensured me that I would have a constrain and would prove that even with $100 I could make something of my ideas. Money well spent. I have taken oin clients and billed them £5000 and spent $100 on fiverr. What a result, did I guest post? Did I need to create a MEME? Negative, all I needed to do is get the job done with 100% satisfaction from my client all the way down to the lovely users who helped me on fiverr.

What Google Search Plus Your World means for your SEO strategy – the experts view!

What are the changes?

1. Personal Results

Searches will now find both content that has been shared with you privately along with content from the public web. In other words, when you search Google you will now effectively be given two Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs); personal  and non-personal.

What this means for SEO?

I think traditional SEO: buying links, link wheels and comment blasts etc, will still be prevalent for the time being as there is no real structure in place for the link to be displaced by social signals at least in the sort to medium term.

2. G+ Pages showing in SERPs

Basically, people and pages on Google plus will now show on the top right hand side of SERPs, logged in our out.

What this means for SEO?

If you own a site or a brand, you are going to want to be doing testing on the algorithms in terms of what the ranking factors are for these G+ pages in the SERP’s. Once you’ve got this all figured out, you are going to be thinking of techniques and scripts that can be used to SPAM THE HELL OUT OF IT.

3. G+ profiles in SERPs

Logged in Google plus users will see people in their ‘circles’ appear in both the search results and in auto suggest.

What this means for SEO?

In the long run, I think this will mean that Google + profiles will become the new version of paid inks. Instead of SEO agencies buying high PR links, they will buy high authority G+ power users to pass social metrics.

Guest posting the SEOMOZ way!

Guest posting is the ability to let another man add his jibe on your site just so you:

1) Add more content

2) Hope his mates will come on your crap site

3) Share mutual backlinks But what they don’t tell you is…..

4. Number 4 is to try and guest post with rogues, because while you tell the world you only do white hat, you know this rogue guest poster will set all his artillery on your site. It’s a cheeky move, that is done by the best of the wolves in sheeps clothing.

It’s like owning a banger (car) and giving it to a mate who you know will write it off because he is one spanner missing and then collecting the insurance payout when he totals it, AND NOT CLAIMING LIABILITY.

If you don’t believe me guys do some research. Open your eyes and get connected. DO what the pros do and don’t get left behind!

For Chelsea Blacker

I mentioned in the weekend I found a way of scraping Facebook. I wasn’t fond of the idea of saying exactly what one of my employees said to me, but because Chelsea Blacker asked me so nicely I will announce that it can be done with scrapebox but modifications have to be done to it. Im not a technical guy, and I never claimed I was. As far as I’m concerned when I’m in dog shit, I pay myself out of it. I remember when I had a massive javascript problem for my clients site, I just paid a guy in Romania $5 and he soprted it out in under 2 hours.

It is a form of business acumen to pay someone to do the jobs you are too valuable to do. I had some banter with SEO’s on twitter about how they feel the ability to learn irrelevant mark up language. I will tell you straight, I am not a geeky coder who will write the next best innovative thing on the web, but I will draw out a strategy and business model to make you buy a house in cash. I like to build start ups and sell them. So when the new kids on the block scream at my ankles about javascript and cool ajax for better functionality I pat them on their heads and say, you would make a a good employee.

Rant: Whiteboard Friday

People are suprised when they think I have been on twitter for 3 days and I’m already a sensation in the SEO community. This isnt random people, this is pure skill. You don’t drive an AC Cobra and spend $60 on gas a day for nothing. Some people may say Spam Hendriks is just a MEME ste up by one of the guys at SEOMOZ. As much as that may be possible the ultimate fact is I’m rich enough to bail SEO MOZ out of their debts with one sign of a pay check.

That’s right guys they are in debt. They are in moral debt, White board Fridays is a good way of passing off Graphic design and English literature as SEO. They fool the aspirational internet entrepreneurs into believing that SEO comes down to Graphic Design and Literature. BULLSHIT. Watch it  if you havent before. . Does this sound like he’s teaching design? WTF? This guy is unbelievable. Why does he not talk about creative development at creating scripts that aid SEO. Not Where to put pics so people share. The amount of horse shit that comes out of SEO MOZ on Friday is unbelievable.

By the way, if you ever find someone telling the world they do SEO by guest posting hash tag them as #SEOFANBOY

Job Opportunity: Blackhat SEO Consultant Manchester £60-70k

An oppurtunity has arisen for an experienced and highly motivated Blackhat SEO consultant. You will be mainly based in our UK offices, although will get the opportunity to travel to Germany, Hong Kong and Seattle.

A minimum of 3 years of Blackhat experience is necessary along with proof of success in highly competitive SERPs. The candidate will also be working with top global SEO agencies and must possess a strong knowledge of Whitehat and traditional SEO techniques such as creating original content and using outreach for link building (although you will rarely be required to use these techniques).

Ideally the candidate will be an introvert who is not going to waste their working days socialising and re-tweeting SEO Moz on Twitter. Should also be a self-starter who is highly motivated to succeed in the online environment.

Must have experience to some degree of the following:

  • Link manipulation:
  • Automation
  • Cloaking
  • Malware
  • Content
  • Bad neighbourhoods
  • JavaScript redirects.
  • Doorway pages
  • Automated queries to Google

Strong knowledge of programming is essential:

  • PHP
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • Python
  • HTML / CSS

Other perks of the job include relaxed working hours, your birthday off and monthly trips to brothels.

If you think you have what it takes, please contact us with a CV and covering letter at